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UPDATED- CenTx Meetup October 26th!

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What would you all think about meeting up at the Austin Book Festival next Saturday, the 26th? That's the day that it kicks off and it's at the Capitol and surrounding areas. They have books, authors and more and it's free! We could grab food and maybe some pitchers for lunch or dinner and cut the costs down. Thoughts?


Hi guise! I'm sorry we don't have the meetup scheduled yet- I have been feeling like butt ("yes, Mom, butt is a way you feel" I tell her frequently). I'm going to take a look at all the info I've got from y'all and see when we can get together with the most people!

If you'd like, leave me times that you're available (like how late you work or weekend times you've got). We're going to shoot for a decently central location and keep it pretty cheap so we can all make it!


If you're more comfortable with a private message or want to give me more details, email for our meetup is groupthinkcentxmeetup@gmail.com. Thank y'all for being so patient and I can't wait to meet you!


Please don't forget that if you're a lurker, you're welcome- all Centx or Texas (or anywhere) GT'ers are welcome!

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