I'm being generous by calling the below opinions when everyone knows they are simply laws of culinary physics yet to be confirmed through rigorous scientific experimentation.

So... I will mix cereals at will. No purity to me. Cheerioes and Rice Krispies? Why not. I'm sure something would be a violation against all that is good. Cocoa Crispies and Lucky Charms?

I think Fruity Cereals are gross in milk. Fruity Pebbles? Trix? Fruit Loops? Fine dry. But I don't need it to look like a unicorn pissed in my bowl.

I actually believe Crispix was developed as part of the space program to investigate shapes that would maintain their integrity when submerged in liquid. I don' think it was the final form, but like Velcro and the Space Pen it lived on.

I had one box of Kellogg's Raisin Squares in my lifetime and they were incredible. My fingers are crossed they will get re-released.

For me, at least 1% milk is optimal.


The best cereal commercial slogan, because having your mind blown by cereal is an ambitious sell.

Second would probably be Apple Jack's "we eat what we like" which embodies the American spirit of rebellion and cements the fact that parents just don't understand.

Don't give me that "I think he likes it" Life stuff. Also, don't give me Life, it's a terrible cereal and honestly when I'm eating cereal it's for the same reason I drink, to forget Life.


Okay, now explain to me why I'm wrong, in detail. Gifs encouraged.