Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes- and Wednesday OT

Well, they announced a HUGE reorg in my department yesterday, and the hint I got a few weeks ago about me being snatched for an automation team became reality. They are splitting the department back like it was two years ago. To use the aliases from Ask a Manager, the llama groomers and llama trainers were smooshed together on the same team by llama hair type, even though they do two different jobs. The idea was there could be cross training and collaboration on the hair type front. Which there was, but grooming and training are just two different functions. So now they are splitting us back into Grooming and Training, and I am going from Grooming on curly haired llamas to implementing and managing automating any and all Grooming and Training processes across all llama hair types.

I had way too much fun with that. Now I wish I worked with llamas instead of data. Spreadsheets are not very fluffy.


Anyway, everyone is wigging out and I have the 4th new boss in 3 years, but at least this time it’s because I got hand picked by the higher ups because they like my work. And I have worked with my new boss before, so he’s not an unknown or anything.

So anything new with you fine folks this Hump Day?

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