Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Holla! So, I know I’m like super lurker here in the GT world, but I wanted to share some great news. As of next week I will be moving to a new realm of librarianship. Academic librarianship! So far, my background has been in public libraries and circ and programming and summer reading chaos, but soon I will be in whole new waters.

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I know its going to be a big change and it’ll be a learning curve and some getting used to and probably that whole “Oh fuck, I’ve made a HUGE mistake” for the first month..but I think all in all its a great and wonderful change. I’ve felt to stagnant and stuck for so many years in my current job.


I’m so damn excited for a change and a new work environment. I know that whole saying, “the devil you know” but damn, I don’t care!

It’s time to shake it up! And shake it up I have. A new job, new opportunities, new city, and the boyfriend and I are looking for a place to move in together. It’s exciting!

Happy Tuesday, all! Sending you some “shake-it-up” vibes if ya need ‘em. :)

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