Baio learned nothing from the Fonz in all those years on Happy Days. Baio is such a horrible person. He wants Trump to “relentlessly attack” Hillary Clinton.

Well I hated Chachi, disliked the actor, originally I thought it was my intense dislike of Chachi.that made me hate the actor. Well instincts were right on disliking him. I was wrong for original opinion. A misogynist, right wing and loves bullies.

As Fonzie would say to him “you are not cool” and give a talking to in his office (men’s bathroom at Arnold’s).

Note the nonChachi years especially the early episodes are quite good. I loved that show minus Joanie and Chachi. Tuesday night then late 70s one of the finest lineups. Happy Days, Laverne and Shirley, 3s Company then Barney Miller/Taxi. Miller ended at some point and Taxi replaced it.