I took a peek back and saw that I first commented on Jezebel in February last year. That was after a loooong time of lurking! Chritter was one of the first to welcome me aboard :-) That post was on an open thread & about snuggling with my old pup and having some (all) wine. Then I kept lurking, sharing my thoughts with my husband rather than joining in. So silly, I can do both!
Since that post a lot has changed. The old man dog I referred to passed away on St Patrick's Day last year. He almost made it to 13 years old. That was pretty impressive considering his lifetime of medical issues & being told by the vet I worked for (ahole who never saw my dog in person & pulled a very creepy move that I quit because of) that based on test results my dog wouldn't see a year. Well.... Vinny made it through chronic inflammatory bowel disorder and then through a lifetime of managed seizures before his heart was finally too tired. He actually passed away during a routine vet exam. We brought him and his little buddy Rocco for their visit, and I made my husband come with thankfully- as I normally would have just gone myself. Vinny had slight starts to 2 seizures while there, but nothing bad. When they took him from the exam room to get his weight he dropped. The thought he was going to have another seizure, but his heart had stopped. They worked on him for over 10 minutes, husband called my parents for me. Vinny was gone.
I had received Vinny on my 20th birthday, he was 8 weeks old. He was my sidekick & buddy, he went everywhere I did. He was a country dog, a city dog, a smaller city dog and then a country dog again. He raised kitties and helped foster other dogs. He was the only one who truly knew how awful my ex made me feel, and was there to see me incredibly happy with my now husband. It was my husband who loved Vinny just as much who made a great point about his passing. He said that Vinny's final gift was going as he did- with friends (my mom worked at that clinic) and us there, not scared or in pain. Us having the comfort of knowing that everything that could be done, was done. And we didn't have to actually see him go, but still got to say goodbye. We let Rocco sniff and say goodbye as well. When we got home Rocco ran to Vinny's bed to look for his buddy like he normally did, it was heartbreaking. I loved my furbaby and still miss him.

Since then a lot has changed. We got married, brought Rocco's mama home to live with us, had an amazing baby boy and then my brother came to live with us as well. I wish Vin had gotten to meet our son, he would have covered him in sloppy boxer kisses and wiggled his butt at him.
Rocco is doing his best as top dog in the house with being the baby's buddy though. Even if he weighs less than 5 pounds haha! Going to spoil my furbabies while they are with us, and teach lil guy to do the same :-)