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Changing hobbies?

Does anybody else do this? I tend to get really obsessive about a hobby (like occupy all my time thinking about / doing said hobby intensively), but then lose interest. Sometimes I feel really guilty about this, because I wonder if I’m just undisciplined. At the same time what’s the point of having a hobby if it doesn’t make you happy anymore?

This came up because I was contemplating buying an unlimited membership to my dance studio. It’s a hefty upfront financial investment, but would be worth it if I kept taking classes at my current pace for a whole year. I have been doing ballet for a year now and am quite obsessed at the moment (doing it, seeing it, reading about it). It is an art form that has a lot of depth and history, but I wonder if I will flake again.

To be fair, it could be that I lose interest in things because of outside factors. Like I made art from the time I was a child up until I graduated college with an art degree, when I think the pressure of doing it in an academic setting got to me. Before ballet, I did aerial / circus really intensively for 3 years, and I think I quit because of the obligation of performing and teaching. Same with yoga before that...loved it for about 3 years until I started teaching regularly. And before that was running...more short lived because it didn’t work with my body, but long enough for me to acquire fancy clothes and shoes.


Am I just a dilettante?? Is something wrong with me or is this normal?

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