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Changing jobs DECISIONS ARGH

I had an interview today (yay!) and it went super well (double yay!!). It would be a pay bump and it seems like a healthy, energetic work environment.

It would NOT be in my field, which my current job nominally is. What I’m doing is basically admin + fundraising, and I hate fundraising, and I hate my boss. I feel constantly browbeaten and belittled, and I can feel myself becoming bitter already. However, even though the place is small it has a fancy pants name that sounds like it’s exactly what I should want to be doing.

I make $23,000/year, far below the advertised rate for my position. I accepted on a “probationary pay” basis, but when I brought a raise up to my boss at our impromptu 6 month review, he said we couldn’t afford the raise.


The new place, if I get it, would pay me $15 an hour to still do executive assistant stuff, but it sounds less stressful (no fundraising!!). It’s a cool spot with people who seem nice and interesting.

However, I’d be leaving “the arts” and I worry it will be impossible to make my way back into the field. I do plan on going to grad school, but...still.

And THEN. If I do get it and I do take it - how does giving two weeks notice work? 2 weeks can’t include the office holiday, right? We have a paid holiday between Christmas and New Years, which I am LOATHE to give up, but the new place said they’d really want me to start on January 4th and I need to figure this out before they make a decision early next week.

Ugh why can’t I just like my current job and/or make a decent wage. I’d take either one at this point.

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