Hi guys! I moved, have no Internet or cable (and am in a special realm of Comcast hell where they tell me I have a technician coming, who doesn't show up. Then they appease me with an "they're on their way" for 2 phone calls before they tell me hahahahaha, just kidding. I've been reduced to frustrated tears a few times dealing with them.) That was long. I've missed y'all.

I like my new space. However, I've noticed it has effected my general mood. I do not immediately feel calm when I come home anymore. I think it might be the reduction of windows. And maybe the darker, more modern tones of my new place. It's nice and cool looking, but it's dark grey, while my old place was pale yellow and white, with a lot of natural light.

I feel lonely here. I never felt consistently lonely before. I don't know of its the stress from moving or a legitimate effect of the decor. If my new place forces me to become a social butterfly, i think that would be hilarious.

Has anyone had behaviour changes from living in a new space?