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Chanukah + Thanksgiving

Did you know....that Chanukah and Thanksgiving are overlapping for the first time in 125 years? My boyfriend (who, for the initiated, is getting some help and has vastly improved) is coming for Thanksgiving this year. He's Jewish, although not really practicing, he doesn't really have family and they don't really get together on holidays.

I looooooove Thanksgiving. Mostly because I love cooking only slightly less than I love eating, and don't even get me started on the planning (the menu is from a Thanksgiving I hosted a few years ago—to excuse my menu-creating dorkiness, it WAS for like 25 people). Unfortunately, most of my family won't be around this year, so it'll just be my parents, my aunt, my (pain in the ass) grandmother, the BF and my son.


Are any of you combining the holidays and creating hybrid menus? I saw some recipes that looked compelling—but I know nothing about Jewish holiday fare aside from latkes and bitter herbs and matzo at Passover :-)

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