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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Chapter book recommendations?

Help! Any and all are welcomed.


I have a group of students that I’m striking out with when it comes to books for small group reading. Some info- kids are in fifth grade, read on or slightly above grade level, don’t love reading, and have requested a funny book. We are in an urban, high poverty school district so anything that discusses diversity or more challenging issues like poverty or immigration. Again, funny though. They were very clear about that and I’d like to honor it. Problem is, so often the funny kids novels are .... Sometimes not school appropriate ... I moved away from teaching novels for a few years because most of my kiddos were immigrants just learning English, with emerging English skills, so I feel like I’m off my game this year when it comes to novel study.


I’m just reaching a wall in general this year as its been so trying- they want us doing more and more every day. I’m getting burnt out and I’m overthinking this book thing, maybe. The overthinking causes me to have a hard time focusing and making decisions. So... Make the decision for me?!?!??? Thank you.

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