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Chapters of the Hobbit if they were BuzzFeed articles

1. 13 signs that a bunch of Dwarves had a wild party at your house last night.

2. 3 things you must know if you might be meeting some trolls.

3. Unlock this insane Easter egg on Thorin's map!

4. Don't sleep in a cave until you check out this hidden danger...

5. Can you solve these 9 insanely difficult riddles?

6. If you think your dog is ugly, check out these Wargs!

7. You won't believe the amazing things these animals can do!

8. If you're going through Mirkwood, keep these 4 rules in mind...

9. The wildest river ride you'll ever see!

10. The 12 most amazing boats in Lake Town

11. See if you can spot this crazy secret door!

12. RAW STORY!!! Interview with Smaug!

13. If you thought your house was bad, check out what happened to these Dwarves' home...


14. Shocking footage shows aftermath of dragon attack!

15. 10 things Bard doesn't want you to know about his plan to rebuild the Kingdom of Dale.


16. What would you give for this AMAZING gem?

17. 5 armies who should NEVER meet in battle

18. This guy gives new meaning to the phrase "take the long way home"!

19. Bilbo back from the dead: does this sound legit?


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