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Charities - Room for One More

Despite being in a Grinchy mood due to the continuing commercialism and faux War on Christmas fiasco that alights this time each year, it is also the time of year I close out my annual charitable contributions.

I generally give to 10 charities. The list sometimes changes depending on my fickle nature, and if I find a new organization that really serves areas of need I am interested in supporting.


Currently my list has 9, and I am looking for my 10th (Yes, I bumped a couple off this year). I would really love to find one that works to promote interfaith cooperation to end violence. Does such an organization exist? Does it have a good charity rating? Do you all have another suggestion?

In case you are wondering, my current list includes children’s hospitals, PP and other women’s health and advocacy programs (including my local women’s shelter), wildlife conservation, and Doctors Without Borders.

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