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Hello! My cat, Sir Sebastian McMittenpaws, has hurt himself and is looking at surgery. I am researching charities that help with vet bills. Can you make any recommendations?

On Friday (my birthday), Sebastian went after my youngest cat, Harriet Jane Cornchip (Hattie), and when my son pulled them apart, Sebastian ran into furniture. I wasn’t in the room and my son was half-asleep, so I think the whole thing was a blur.

Immediately, Sebastian mewed and stopped standing on his right front paw. I called the vet and got him in that morning. He was examined and given buprenorphine for the pain. The vet said to take the long weekend and see if he started walking on it again. He didn’t.


Yesterday, he went in for x-rays and they showed that his wrist is dislocated. He was given a fentanyl patch and his arm was bandaged so it wouldn’t flop about when he hops everywhere. The vet referred us to another clinic for surgery.

We have an appointment next week for a consultation and will find out the surgery cost at that point. I am hoping that a payment plan is an option.

However, I would like to make every effort to contact charities that help with large vet bills. We were able to spend 400-ish dollars on his care thus far, but surgery sounds prohibitively expensive.

Do you have any advice about where I should look? I got some information via web searching, so I have that covered. I just hoped someone on GT would have experience with this sort of thing.



Here he is in healthier times.


Here he is today.

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