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Charity During the Holiday Season

If you are feeling generous this holiday season you might want to consider Kiva.org which facilitates micro loans. The base donation level is $25. The loan will be paid back and then you can then re-donate that return to a new loan.

Kiva gives you a summary of the loan requester, their local financial service, and a risk rating. By crowdsourcing the loan amount it gives access to people who would not traditionally be approved for loans.


I have donated to 8 loans. Only one has defaulted, and that was because it’s in Yemen, and honestly I just hope the women I donated to there are okay.

I’ve donated to all women:

* For a solar panel in Cambodia

* to build a sanitary toilet in the Philippines

* to purchase a bio-digester in Kenya

* to purchase a radio taxi dispatch system in Bolivia

* to purchase a new sewing machine in Colombia

* to expand a female owned construction company in the US

* to open a female owned dog day care in the US [still collecting funds, linked]

Anyway, you can filter by all types of criteria. I’ve been donating on and off for the last few years. Here is the VlogBrothers video I learned about it through: Sorry for sucky link formatting, I’m on my phone.

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