Thinking about that monster storm in the Philippines, I am reminded of a charity I donated to a while ago, called Shelterbox. Having done some work in disaster relief in the past, these guys really fucking thought things through.

They provide shelter and survival equipment for an extended family, meant to last for a while so they can remain at their home and work on rebuilding their lives and communities. Like a FEMA trailer should have worked. If you want to donate to help these victims (granted they take on the Philippines disaster victims - they cannot go everywhere), I highly recommend going through Shelterbox.

Major problems when donations come in for something like this, that are addressed by the Shelterbox:
-items that are not needed, or too many of one item and not enough of another
-money needs to be spent somewhere, and usually these areas cannot get vital supplies easily - putting a heavy burden on organizations like the Red Cross when they have a sudden influx of funds
-when people are unable to stay in their home, it is second best that they stay near it or on their property. Shelterbox is specifically for that purpose - this gives the devastated family a much higher chance of a successful recovery, economically, and eases the emotional pain of having to leave home after it has been lost.
-the box is geared toward survival and self-sustenance, to minimize the amount a family may depend on assistance from others

I am so heartbroken for what is happening in the Philippines.