I was at GWill and so annoyed. We were in line. The clerk is a nice guy working there for years. Next aisle over is this woman who we avoid. She always seems put out when she asks “do you want to round up” and sometimes mymother says “no”. Another time there was a glitch in the computer showing those with a discount card with time left having expired. My mother keeps the same card just when she pays the ten dollars they uodate the card. Well this clerk said in a loud voice “your card expired three years ago”. It had another month. Now we go there at least 4 and sometimes six times a week. My mother sometimes goes twice in a day and she had us with our card, many, many times prior. This glitch happened to other people.

The card is a ten percent discount card that lasts a year and you pay ten dollars for it. If you spend four dollars the bill would be $3.60.

Well today I saw her with a customer who had three kids. I heard the clerk say “that’s $3.60 do you want to round up”. The customer said “no”. Another clerk accepts “no”s and that’s it. Not her. She eye rolled the woman with a shake of the head. Nope sorry. If she didn’t always seem put out (put out means annoyed) everytime my mother says no I would have dismissed what I saw as a fluke. Since it came to $3.60 I assume the customer was using a card.

That is so rude. Trust me I know people who would have said something. One person I know would have said “charity is a choice like you chosing color of your hair”. She had three different colors in two months. I am surprised actually she is still acting this way and no one told her off or went to management. People should not be guilted or pressured to give. I do not care if its a dime, 40 cents or ten dollars. You do not eye roll them or let them know you are put out.

Personally I am uncomfortable with this “do you want to round up” thing. It feels guilt laden. Why buy a card if you are going to be asked this. We give items which comes to far, far more then the 30, 20 cents they want. I assume most customers give items to them as well as buy. So why make these customers feel uncomfortable for really for the customer a pittance.


Charity is a choice not an obligation. Charity should be freely given not pressured. Choice of saying no to charity is a right that needs to be respected.