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Charlie (the jaundice cat) Update/ Rip

A few months ago someone posted an open letter to his/her dog. It was a beautifully written love note after the animal had passed. I remember him writing about how he cared for his dog and how much he would miss him and that even though messes were made and it was hard, it was all done with love. Just wondering if anyone remembers this post and can share the link? It was just so moving and this morning I had to put down my beloved kitty Charlie. I've written here before about him and was so moved when the GT Emergency Fund helped me out with his vet bills. That money went toward medications that kept Charlie with me for an extra three months. I greatly appreciate all of you who donate to that fund. Last night he didn't sleep a wink and this morning his eyes were wide, bewildered. He was in pain so I decided to not wait another day. I called a vet and they came here to my house and within a few minutes Charlie had slipped away. He was with me through so much of my adult life and was my little warbuddy. I will miss him greatly. Thanks for listening.

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