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Charming smartass family memory

So this comment by Ubertrout:

Hell, what would be the family implications of telling your Grandma to fuck off?

in CoffeeJitters' thread about her family blowup over those ridiculous duck dudes reminded me of a long-ago event with my own grandma. In my family, the use of sarcasm is well-admired. And while we have a healthy respect for our elders, we don't think they are totally above reproach or anything.


So, back when I was like 13 or so, I was visiting Grandma with my mom and dad. The four of us were off on a day road trip in Grandma's old Volvo. Dad was driving, Grandma in the passenger seat, me and mom in the back. I guess it got stuffy or something in the car, something causing us to roll the windows down, and as my mom cranked her window down, she looked up front and said, "Wait ... do you have electric windows up there?" My dad said, "Yeah. Why? Aren't they electric in the back?" Mom said, "No ... why would a company make a car with electric windows in the front and crank windows in the back?"

There was a momentary pause, then Grandma said with absolute certainty, and as if we were all idiots for not knowing, "It's so people in the back seat have something to do if they get bored on long trips." —- wait a beat —- Then me, mom, and dad all BURST OUT LAUGHING. I mean, like nearly peeing in our pants laughing. My mom started furiously rolling her window up and down, saying, "Oh my god, I'm so bored, I think I'll roll my window down! Now what can I do? Wait! I think I'll roll it back up!" I thought Dad was going to have to pull over, he was trying so hard to stifle his laughter (because this was his mom we're talking about).

Grandma was not amused. She sat there, stoically, and said we misunderstood her, as we snickered. I loved that woman to death, but she was NEVER WRONG. In her own mind. But that sure as hell didn't stop us from telling her if we thought she was.

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