Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

So I’m at work, and we ran out of coffee, so I went next door to Target to get some.

There’s a long alley between us with stop signs at both ends. As I’m walking from our parking lot to the sidewalk that runs alongside Target, I see a car at the very far end of the alley. It’s a short walk and I figure he’s going to stop at the stop sign, so I cross the road. This motherfucker SPEEDS UP and is barreling toward me, so I pick up the pace, and right at the last second, he skids off into the other lane, going the wrong direction. I jump up on the sidewalk and say “omg wow” to myself. This asshole (white dude, natch) backs up, rolls down his window and says “did you just FUCKING say WOW? FUCK YOU, you fat cunt!”


I thought about saying something back, but I’m in Texas, and I 100% guarantee that some insane asshole who almost commits vehicular manslaughter probably has a mini arsenal in his trunk and I’m not trying to get shot today.

I hate shitty men. I hate Texas. I’m just trying to get my coffee, you fucking sociopath.

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