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Anti-public school sketchiness UPDATE

I found our CELDT (test for English acquisition) scores on a state site. (Admin has denied teachers access to them.)

We have NO newcomers. In fact, 80% of our ELLs are Advanced or Early Advanced speakers of English.


I smell a rat. Our party line is that we are closing the achievement gap for Latino students. Apparently by not having any newcomers. No, they go to SFUSD and our test scores stay high.

You guys. I’m a Latina and I’ve been complicit in this. (I have a coworker who tells me it wasn’t always so sketchy, she’s also leaving.)

I keep posting about what it’s like working in a charter school, getting spooked, and deleting my posts. Here’s another round!

There is an organization called Innovate Public Schools, that I believe actually has an anti-public school agenda.


The other day was the last day to enroll in San Francisco Unified School District and I got a Facebook ad from them:


Plot twist: THERE IS NO WEST PORTAL MIDDLE SCHOOL. It literally does not exist. They are running ads about an achievement gap at a school that does not exist.

They have also bought ads calling out real public schools. The bot just messed up with this one.


It’s just so dirty. I feel dirty, because this organization loves to use my current school as a cudgel against SFUSD.

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