Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Hiya GT, random question/mini quiz time:

What food things do YOU buy, which are cheap, but still good?

And what do you like to make when you’re on a tight food budget?

I’m mostly just curious about what y’all do.

Whether it’s ‘cuz of budgeting, or perhaps because you’ve found some really great deals somewhere—so now THAT’S where you get *that thing.* (For me, some of these are baby kosher-dill pickles, black olives, and Barilla elbow macaroni noodles at Dollar Tree, because the olives & pasta are at LEAST $.79-89 more expensive at regular price at all the other grocery stores, and the baby-dills—while gross & a bit “soggy” at room temp are perfectly crisp & nicely spicy once refrigerated a few hours. AND they’re at least $2.00 cheaper than my other favorite & local brand of baby-dills😉)


It’s something I’ve been thinking about quite a bit lately, because there’s a couple of grocery stores I pass on my way to my new afternoon job, which sell close-dated or “grocery salvage” items VERY inexpensively*

And it’s also become an issue for me lately, because of starting that new job.

I knew that I wasn’t going to get paid for at least 2-3 weeks, because that’s ALWAYS what happens when you start a new gig. Buuuuut my paperwork appears to have gotten messed up pretty badly** so I’m needing to put most of my money into my gas tank right now, and don’t have much extra for groceries—inexpensive & well-planned is a MUST right now, with only VERY small splurges.


*things I’ve gotten at the discount grocery store: 2.5 lb. bags of Tyson chicken thighs or legs for $5.99; “Baby Bella” mushrooms $1.00/pkg; 32oz. tub of plain name-brand yogurt-$1.49; mini watermelons (the “single-serving” size) 2/$1.00; bi-color sweet corn a dozen ears for $2.00; avocados 2/$1.00; “snack-y things” like Goodness Knows nut/fruit bites, Planter’s nuts/snacks in individual-sized bags, & full-sized candy bars like Reeces PB cups and DeMet’s Turtles 4/$1.00

(**I’ve been working 4 weeks now, and am STILL “not in the system”🙃, so it looks like i *might* not get a paycheck until week SIX😥)

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