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Welcome To The Bitchery

Cheap, DIY Apartment Decor?

Mr. Agador Spartacus and I are getting an apartment together!

But I'm looking for some cheap, non permanent decor ideas that can spruce up the joint. I found a few fun ideas, but I am unsure of the wall things, mostly because I don't want to put any holes in the walls. I like the idea of using some contact paper on one wall, cause there's this one awkward part of a wall that seems like it could use a fun pattern on, but I'm reluctant to use contact paper on it since it seems like it might be a pain to take off. Another idea could be a fabric wall panel made with foam and stuck on with that sticky wall putty stuff. I could even paint a fun design on it!

Definite DIY projects I'll be doing before a move will be painting my dining room table. It'll have chalkboard paint on top and a splash of blue for the legs.

Crafty people, your thoughts?


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