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Welcome To The Bitchery

Ok, so. Basically the situation is, as most of you know, I'm a broke college student who lives at home. Therefore mamadukes does all the food shopping, which is awesome! I don't have to do it, cool! However, she is the most unhealthy eater I've ever met. We're talking mostly fucking cakes and frozen dinners and hot pockets and...ugh. Ok I love hot pockets but still, ugh.

She's more than willing to bring me along and let me pick out what I want, but I feel bad getting hundreds of dollars worth of organic food and stuff since we're not exactly rich. Keep in mind, I also love to cook and have no problem cooking all the time. But I want to be able to buy as many ingredients as possible (meat, fish, vegetables, fruits, etc.) without spending a ton of money.


Also, we live in Brooklyn, NY so everything is insanely expensive, especially anything organic. And my mom is hella picky and really weird when it comes to anything "healthy." Like, ya know, vegetables. Or olive oil. *Sigh. Plus, she can't cook to save her life so I kinda just want to take over at this point.

So does anyone have any tips for how to spend as little money as possible while food shopping and still manage to get as much stuff as possible? :(

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