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Do you have some inexpensive makeup and skincare items that deserve a shout-out? I'm willing to drop some dollars on high-end stuff, but I also use plenty of drugstore brands that are awesome. A few things I highly recommend (I don't know the exact prices but I think these are pretty close):

This lip exfoliator is the shit, and it's only about $3 at Target.


Avon's eyeshadow stays on ALL DAY, even if I forget to use my lid primer. It's unreal. I use the Champagne color, which is a lovely neutral with a little bit of shimmer. $2.99 from Avon (you can find a rep online).

Who doesn't love Rosebud? They also have a strawberry balm that I adore. $7 at Sephora and some drugstores.


This cream is super-luxurious. I use it before bed. $8 at drugstores.


I like the waterproof version of this mascara. This gives me good volume but not too much length (I wear glasses and looong lashes don't work). I have no idea what this costs but you can find it everywhere.


Finally, this cuticle pen is great. It's got a little brush so you can put cuticle oil on easily and quickly. I put it on before my commute and also try to remember to use it at night. $5 at drugstores.


I'd love to learn what all y'all like. Please share!

ETA: LOL as you can tell I have no idea how to place my text with my pictures.

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