It’s gross and hot in my apartment. How hot? I left my jar of coconut oil on the counter and now the entire jar is liquid. So I decided that since I have this melty jar of coconut oil and it’s my day off from volunteering, I’m gonna crank up the AC and turn today into a spa day.

Here are my list of activities/treatments for today:

  • Morning yoga with Yoga with Adriene’s new video on youtube.
  • Coconut oil deep conditioning treatment. My hair is a fuzzy mess lately because I’ve been keeping it up in buns and ponytails, so it needs a little bit of love and deep conditioning. Since I am lazy and cheap, I didn’t have a shower cap to wrap my hair in so I used a plastic bag from Target. I rubbed the excess on my arms, but apparently Little Dude loves the taste of coconut oil because he keeps licking my arm.
  • Deep Cleansing Aloe Mask from Que Bella. I bought a bunch of these last year for $1.00 each at Target, and with the heat lately my skin has been breaking out.
  • Salt and lemon body scrub. I buy the huge boxes of salt for soaking, and I have a bunch of lavender and thyme that I’ve been growing. And since I am cheap and lazy, I have a plastic squeezy bottle of lemon juice.
  • After a quick shower rinse, a lavender bubble bath. I need to soak in the tub a little. I didn’t use the homemade recipe, but I bought a jumbo bottle from CVS when it was on sale for $3 after discounts.
  • Peppermint foot cream. I actually made this over the winter when my feet were all crackly, and it’s been sitting in my fridge since. It also doubles as cuticle cream for me as well. Time to break it out again before I go on and paint my nails!
  • Cinnamon lip scrub, because no matter how much water I drink lately my lips are dry and cracked.
  • Vegan chocolate peanut butter ice cream. I’m not leaving the house to buy ice cream, I don’t need more food in my freezer that I won’t finish. But I do have lots of frozen bananas because I buy a bunch and slice them up into baggies for freezing before they get too mushy. Makes it much easier to make smoothies and have them cold. Most of my fruit and vegetables are frozen, I can’t be trusted with perishables.

Altogether my spa day costs me a grand total of $0 today, but to buy everything from scratch it still doesn’t even hit $40. Not bad for a day of feeling fancy! Feel free to add your own cheapskate spa treatments, I love hearing about them!