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Cheapskates of GT Unite!

I like to think I come by my cheap honestly. When my mom was a nun, she was in charge of food shopping for her convent and would barter people down until she felt the need to increase her price. She's spent the past 30 years yelling, "It's a recession!" whenever I asked for money. She gets 3 uses out of teabags. She thinks 2ply is the work of the money devil. She makes friends with hotel staff so they slip her freebies.

We have a lot in common.

But Mama Jinx also instilled in me that sometimes, you need quality and you should pay to get it.


After using my dollar store Turbie Twists, I finally got the real thing, and goddamn, soo much better.

Help a cheapskate out! What cheaper brands (or non brands of course) actually work well. Which should you spend money for?

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