Some people. They're either assholes or every synonym for "The Best". First, Cheater Special Snowflake. Then the professor who changed my life.

I posted about this girl who tried to cheat off me on SNS recently. Long story short, since I offered to help her with her four question, 400 word max per question, take home midterm for the easiest class in the school, she assumed that she could crib from me. Well, the thing is, that happens to be a thing called cheating, and it's against the school honor code. Special Snowflake was trying to manipulate your girl here. She did the following over the weekend: texted me every five minutes about how she was having a mental breakdown, called me at all hours to guilt me, and didn't get that I had work to do myself.

Oh, honey. I'll proof, but that's about it. Because this assignment is something you have to, you know, state your opinion about. And I'll be damned if you take my opinions, analysis, or examples. No one messes with my writing.

So, I sat down in class yesterday, and she decided to attempt to make me feel like I was shit:


"You know, it was really rude of you not to help me".

Umm...Nope. DD [Changed for clarity] don't play that way. Some people. Honestly, how delusional can you be?


And now on to what made my day all better! My professor, who basically loves my writing, made my life.


So, I finally-at her request-met her in person. I went up after class when a gaggle of students were asking questions. I waited my turn, stuck out my hand, and said "I'm DecadentDegenerate [Changed for clarity], and I am really glad to meet-"

"Oh my goodness! It's so great to finally meet you in person! I absolutely love your writing. You write so beautifully. Keep it up, it's truly a pleasure to read your work!".


Woza. Didn't even finish my sentence. The other kids were silenced. Jaws were dropped. Eyes were wide. I can't make this up.

I legit almost cried. She's inspired me to write again. I have three short stories planned out, and I'm working on a personal essay about my perspective on The American Dream as it stands today. She's just one of those people that make life worth it.


So, the day wasn't ruined. Nothing will bring me down, because I'm a badass with a pen (ok, keyboard, same dif).