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Check out this article on Schizophrenia

It's on io9 and Owl sent me the link. I keep up with the research partly because my older brother has schizophrenia (and b/c of professional interest) It's some interesting stuff. I think the ideas around the schizophrenia spectrum are important and just how complicated and broadly defined this diagnosis really is, which results in this very complex genetic picture.

I mean the gene and environment interaction has been something that has dominated the understanding of the causes of this diagnosis. It can have implications emotionally for people to think of the environmental factor that caused the genes to express it in this way (and their 1st degree relatives who may have some vulnerability but a different history and struggle with things that are akin to survivor's guilt). I know my brother struggles with what he could have done differently, though I hate to think of him blaming himself b/c I think that's being unfair to himself. Genetic influence appears to be around 80%.


Anyway, read this. Talk about it. I'm tired of schizophrenia being invisible in society, like a dirty little secret that no one discusses so I like to discuss it. And I like the fact that they might have a better understanding of what is going on, which can hopefully guide future paths of both research and prevention.

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