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Cheddar Apple Turkey Meatloaf with cinnamon honey sweet potatoes.

I was tempted to eat leftovers when I first got home from work, but Mr. Song disagreed as I had told him about labeled: scary aunt kanye's recommendation for cheesy apple and oat meatloaf yesterday on CoffinJitters' call to arms for apple recipes and he was looking forward to my adaptation.



I tweaked the recipe upon aunt kanye's suggestion - most obviously by using ground turkey instead of ground beef/pork/veal) - but most of the others were acts of desperation.

  • To start, I cut up and used too many onions. Don't be me Groupthink, you'll be crying in yellow onion skins. Wasn't going to throw out the extra chopped bits though, so in the loaf they went.
  • I shredded the apple with a cheese grater instead of chopping it. This gave it a similar texture/appearance to the grated cheese for better integration.
  • I did not have Worcestershire sauce, so instead found this recipe for homemade Worcestershire sauce that looks pretty easy (it's in the name!) and was too lazy even for that. I just eyeballed oregano, paprika, honey, fish sauce and cider vinegar in the same approximate measurements. That sounds gross right? I think so too. It worked though.
  • Lastly, I used panko instead of traditional breadcrumbs because panko is superior.

I had to cook it for closer to 80 minutes, and then I was tormented waiting for it to cool after I took it out of the oven. My home smells AMAZING.


I used Tyler Florence's recipe but executed no measuring because accuracy is for wimps? Or something? I'm a rebel Dottie.




Well, I didn't take any pictures of the meatloaf for the following three reasons.

1. Because I ate it
2. Meatloaf is not exactly instagram worthy in my opinion. (I'm sorry to meatsnark but loaf is not its' most flattering form.)
3. I don't have any memory on my phone to take photos. (Maybe that should be reason #1)


Maybe when the mister comes home I will get him to take a picture of his dinner if I plate it nicely for him.

I indeed used too many onions but it was masked overall by the tastiness of the loaf. The apples functioned to add a little sweetness but mostly just moisture, which was great because ground turkey is notoriously dry. Cheddar brought umami and depth. The sweet potatoes were good too - the honey turned 'em into caramelized nuggets of near-candy cinnamon.


Thanks for the suggestion aunt kanye!

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