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Cheering Someone Up Following a Pet Death :(

Hi GT - long time no talk!

I’m hoping you wonderful folks could give me some tips on how to cheer someone up following a pet death. My boss (boss’s boss really) lives alone and has no kids following a pretty awful divorce in 2009. Her dog is her whole world. The dog had a cancer scare a while ago but my boss spared no expense in treating her. Now, several years later, it’s clearly the very end of the road.

My boss, a wonderful woman, seems so helpless now that there are no more treatment options. She will probably have to put her dog down in the next 3 days.


My family had to put down my child hood dog last winter...even though he was 16, it was sti so sad.

I’d like to do something for my boss but I’m not sure what. Flowers?

Suggestions appreciated.

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