Update: Thanks so much for your suggestions, everybody. I knew you'd come to the rescue. I did the best I could, but even with your help, I was lacking unseasoned tomatoes and skillz, so I only improved it marginally.

I was making a BUNCH for dinner and then to freeze, so I'll choke it down tonight and get more tomatoes from the store tomorrow to salvage the leftovers.


I'm making spaghetti sauce. I followed the recipe, which called for crushed tomatoes and a teaspoon each of thyme and oregano, among other ingredients.

When I was all done throwing it all in the pot, I tried it and it tastes overwhelmingly of italian seasoning. I'm assuming this is because I hadn't noticed the tomatoes were already seasoned, so I accidentally doubled up.

Is it still going to be ick after it simmers for an hour? Can it be saved? I'll prolly still eat it either way but blechhh.