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Chelsea Clinton Does Not Think Her Mother Will Run Again

I know I am in the minority but I so wanted Hillary to run again. I know my mother who is a huge Hillary fan has been saying “she will be 73". Ii think its agism. Bernie was 77 and Governor Brown is 78 and head of the largest state and has a huge economy. 73 is young though I agree after 70 health risks jump.

I know also folks even democrats are tired of Clinton control of the party.

She is still the most qualified and without wikileaks and Russia she would have easily won.


With what Chelsea said I believe 2020 is getting remote for her to run. My hopes dying with it.

I always admired and loved her for standing tall and pushing back with the decades long attacks on her including saying she had or actually did kill Vince Foster.

On the other hand if anyone deserves to retire from the spotlight its Hillary.I still believe if she decides to run in 2020 democratic system needs to stand behind her and fight fiercely to win the White Houss. No distractions like Sanders just an all in fight. I know Hillary would be up to it if her health is fine.

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