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So you may recall that back at the end of May/beginning of June, I discovered someone stole my chequebook and had been writing fraudulent cheques.

I called my Bank's call centre and reported it. And then I waited. And waited. After a month, I called them, and was told that my claim had been rejected because the call centre can't submit claims for cheque fraud, only a branch can. They told me I would have to report it at the branch where the account is based. So I called that branch, who told me to go down to my local branch. So I did, and the wonderful customer service manager there helped me put in my claim. A week later, she contacted me again, saying the fraud department wanted an affidavit from me that I had nothing to do with the fraud, and she arranged for it to be notarized without me having to pay for it.

Then last Tuesday, just as I was heavily diving into GISHWHES stuff, I got a letter from the Fraud department telling me that they had rejected my claim, because it was my fault my cheques were stolen. WTF? So basically they were accepting no responsibility for cashing cheques without my signature.


I went down to the branch, and the Customer Service Manager told me to call the fraud people because they wouldn't talk to her abut my case. I did and was told to write a letter of appeal and fax it in.

I wrote a letter, telling my story of how the fraud happened, yet again, and then taking the bank to task for not having better security. They scan in every cheque that is cashed so people can view them online, why the hell aren't they also using pattern recognition software to look at the signatures at the same time and confirm that it matches the one on file? The signatures on the fraudulent cheques were nothing like mine? Then I threw in a healthy dose of, I've been a customer since 1991 and have never given the bank any trouble. If this is how you are now treating long term customers, myself and my other family members will have to think carefully about where we bank. Also talked about how terrible the customer service was that they rejected the claim filed through the phone service without ever informing me.

Anyways, on Thursday, I go into my online banking and discover the money has been reimbursed. So I ran down to the branch, went to the customer services manager, got her to close out the account and move my money to my new account, before anything else could happen.

I need to do something nice for the Customer Services Manager, now that GISHWHES is over and I have time. I'm thinking about bringing cookies down to the branch or something. Or maybe giving her some of my homemade jam. She was awesome.


This is the second time I have dealt with the bank's fraud department; first time was with my ex and bank card fraud. Both times they tried to shove responsibility for the fraud on to the customer, but turned around quickly when an angry letter was written. So my advice to anyone in a similar situation is to not give up and call them in their bullshit.

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