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Welcome To The Bitchery

Cheque fraud? How quaint.

Not really.

Somehow someone got a hold of some of my cheques. They wrote a cheque two weeks ago, and cashed it, sending me into overdraft. I have never gone into overdraft in my life, and I would have thought that when a second cheque was cashed exactly one week later, pushing me further into overdraft that this would have tipped the bank off that something was up.


So now, I have to go into the bank tomorrow, and close out that account, and open another. Which will be a pain in the arse. At least they have a branch close to work which opens at 8 am.

If the fraudster keeps to their pattern, they will attempt to cash another one tomorrow. I kinda hope they are dumb enough to push their luck tomorrow, as my account has been flagged.

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