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I liked Cedar Cove and watched it for three straight summers. I loved the characters, the humor, the quirkiness. I was sad to see it end especially on the cliffhanger. Yet cancelled.

This new series on Hallmark is so dull. The character a divorced single mother Abby omg she is a dull character. I lasted an hour but you just know she will quit her Wall Street job to be a more at home mom. She talks a lot about their mother leaving her. Also she feels guilty for thinking events her daughters are in the future not already happened plus the nanny quit. You know she will partner with her sister running an inn which her sister faced foreclosure on before it opened.

It comes across as so manipulative in the “moms who work should work just a moderate amount”. Blah.


Treat Williams plays their Abby’s rich dad who essentially owns the town but is a nice guy like paying for a townsman hip.

Hallmark please bring back Cedar Cove and dump this lifeless boring manipulative bore of a series.

Its based on the Chesapeake books by Sherryl Woods. I do not have the slightest idea if she is good or not.

Book one is

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