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Chia Seed Pudding?

Has anyone tried it? This recipe, using coconut milk, sounds okay. But the first time I ever heard of/saw a picture of chia seed pudding, it was Goop's blandest-of-the-bland version that looks super gross and slimy. I could honestly gag thinking about eating the jelly-like pile of seeds I once spread into the grooves of my well-saturated Chia pig (was it a pig?). I have a specific memory of what they felt like, and holy crap does that seem unappetizing.

But the coconut milk or almond milk version seems like... maybe okay? Like maybe it would be more like yogurt and not at all like snot?


Anybody who knows, please inform. I like overnight oats. In theory, I could see adding some Chia to overnight oats, but not if it's gonna be like under-gelled jelly.

Also, if I buy Chia seeds and the pudding turns out to be disgusting in every form, I assume I can sprout the seeds and eat the sprouts instead. (Everything I know about Chia seeds, I learned from a Chia pet.) Is this something anyone has tried or knows anything about?

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