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Chicago area Sikh man attacked on Tuesday

I’m almost certain more such incidents will follow in the next couple of weeks, and they may or may not be reported in mainstream American media depending on the severity of the attack but keep an eye out for these stories. 9/11 was a terrible tragedy and I really feel for New Yorkers who were there and have been in any way affected by it. But attacks like this are now part of the “aftermath” and... it just sucks. I don’t know what the answers are.

Sikhs are such a small minority in the US that I’m sure very few people have even a general awareness of Sikhism (as opposed to say, Hinduism) and it doesn’t have the cool hippie cred that Buddhism somehow pulled off, so the response so far has been to distance themselves from Muslims. But I think that’s problematic in its own way, and creates weird religious tensions in the South Asian diaspora.

I’ll stop here for now. For those of you who are active on social media, maybe as you tweet/post on fb, etc. about your own 9/11 memories and healing, please maybe consider also posting something actively voicing your concern/opposition to these hate crimes, acknowledging both that they do happen and that they shouldn’t. Not sure how much that will accomplish, but FWIW...


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