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Chicago cocktails

The last time I was in Chicago, a kind GTer gave me some sports bar recommendations. I watched the Blackhawks and it was awesome.

But when I go back next month, I'd like to try something a little more upscale. Some hip place to sip a cocktail. So I welcome your recommendations.


I'll be staying out by O'Hare, so someplace near the blue line would be great. But I might have a car, plus, I don't mind walking, so let me know of any places that might be off the beaten path.

And I love meetups, so if any GTers want to join me on a Tuesday or Wednesday night, let me know! The MSP GTers can vouch that I'm harmless (But that I do like to drink. And I'm too loud. But I'm working on that. The loud part, not the drinking part).

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