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Welcome To The Bitchery

Chicago GTers I need your help!

It looks like I’m going to be moving to your fair city in a few weeks, and I need some advice on where I should be looking for an apartment. I’m going to be working downtown in The Loop but would prefer not to live there. I have a dog and am planning to bring my car (I’m moving from Indy, so I’ll be making a lot of trips home for holidays and such), so I’m thinking a little farther out would be nice. I don’t really have a preference on side of town, I’d just like to be within a 15 minute walk to the closest L station, would prefer a safe, walkable neighborhood, and need to stay around $1,500 a month in rent. Any suggestions? Also, is there a good site to be looking at for places? I’m not seeing a ton on Zillow right now. Thankfully, my college roommate lives in the ‘burbs and has offered to let me stay until I find a place, so I’m not on a major time crunch and do have some time to look around.

Also, I have no friends in the city, so if you’d like to be my friend let me know. I can promise both dog cuddles and occasional baked goods in return.


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