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UPDATE: thank you so much for all of your comments and advice! I’m really sorry that I ended up not replying to the comments, work took over. But I got my concert ticket (a good one too!) and I’ve booked the Palmer House Hilton in the Loop which was reasonably priced. It’s cancellable with no penalty so give me a shout if this is the worst idea ever, but I think it should be ok. I’ve noted re transport options and will probably use public transport when looking around but taxis to and from the venue.

ORIGINAL POST: I already had some good advice from Una on a backtalk comment about this but I’m a bit stuck so I’m throwing this out to the GT crowd that are familiar with Chicago.

I am hoping to get tickets this week to a concert in Chicago in July, and being from Europe, I’m completely unfamiliar with Chicago.


The concert would be on Friday 21 July at the United Center. I’m looking to stay 2 nights from Thursday 20th and check out on Saturday 22nd. I’m a woman travelling alone so am looking to be somewhere on the safer side of things.

Una has suggested to me that the Loop area would be a good call for my concert’s location, but when I look up hotels in the Loop area on these dates I get hotels with varying location descriptions and even staring at a map I can’t figure out if they are actually in this magical Loop... I can’t really figure out where it is. I’m probably being dumb but I’d appreciate some guidance! Any guidance haha.

I’m going to sleep in a sec because it’s 12.30am here but I’ll check back in the morning and try to work on this again :)

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