Done as a separate post because I am fail at computering today.

Lightly battered cheese curds shared along with an awesome goat cheese fondue spread with crisp crackers. Water came in the large bottles (cause someone saw that on Pinterest?).

There was also a meat and cheese platter. I remember the waitress asking us if we wanted her to describe what was on it. I don't remember if she ever did.


Dragon's Milk on TAP MOTHERFUCKERS!!! Plus, they had the bourbon that New Holland makes so a shot of that in a draft of Dragon's Milk was called a DRAGON MAKER!!!!!


Heavenly nectar within reach.... in the bathroom.

More bathroom decor.


Remnants of meat and cheese.

Remnants of food/drink/merriment/felt flowers/cool wooden (?) animals.

Note: I got home (thank you for the ride), scared my husband, ordered delivery food, started Archer on my computer, and passed out. Dragon Makers made me their bitch.