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chicago meetup people!

Bad Apple doesn't take reservations but I called to give them a heads up that they would have a large party at 5. The host told me that he can't seat us until everyone is there. I figured we'd tell him that we have a party of 8 even though it's more like 10, so that we can get seated. We can add chairs if need be. Just didn't want anyone to think we forgot about them. I will be there a little early waiting at the bar. Getting my hair done right now and will probably have some time to waste. I am wearing a black dress with goldish flowers, a silver bead rope necklace and black boots and tights. I am a short brunette. I will have a friend with me, a dude, and we are fairly loud and both have southern accents. Soooo follow the loud southerners to find us?


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