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Chicago, musical going but not happy convince me I am wrong

My mother wants to see this musical on stage again. I am going but not a fan. Why? Two reason.

a) the foreign convict singing about dancing before the execution is such a brutal scene to watch. Yes on stage the execution is alluded to and once it was just a sudden one second flash of a doll with a noose. Still this part is brutal to watch and to me puts the entire musical from cynical/dark humor to brutal then it for me never recovers the cynicism. I wish this section was dumped and this scene is really why I don't like this musical.

b) the characters are soooo unlikable. I despise the lead. She is such a manipulator. The lawyer is a shyster who makes a mockery of justice. Or am I alone thinking this. Watching unlikable characters is not fun.


Yet this musical has good moments providing the dancing is good and singing is good like He Had It Coming and The Puppet Scene. The husband's soliliquey is a showstopper providing you have a good singer. But this paragraph is true for all musicals. Yet without good singers/dancers these scenes could fail miserably.

Convince me I am overreacting and this is a good musical beyond a few moments.

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