DUDES. Dudes. dudes. We're planning a meetup / clothes swap! It's gonna be the tits!

The inspiration came from my post yesterday asking if anybody would be interested in seeing the clothes I'm cleaning out of my closet. The consensus: yes! The further consensus: There are enough of us in Chicago that we could do a clothes swap / meetup! The further further consensus was that it should be at a place with food and we've settled on the Bad Apple so that we can sample their delectable burger noms.

There are, however, some remaining issues that must be discussed:

(1) When? What time? If we are doing weekends, I suggest 11/2, 11/3, 11/9, or 11/10. I am not free this weekend (going away), and the following weekend is also no good. I am out for Saturdays before noon, too (I take a class). If weeknights, Mondays are out for me (another class), as are Thursdays before 7.

(2) How many pieces should we bring? My suggestion is for everyone to bring 4 or less articles of clothing and 3 or less shoes/accessories. Thoughts?

(3) What if I have nothing to swap? NO BIG, come hang with us anyway! (This applies to Chicago Jezebeaus - do not hesitate to come even though you don't have ladies clothes. And if you do have ladies clothes, well, all the better. You sound interesting.) And if you happen to be broke, do not let that hold you back, because I'm sure we can all share some appetizers or something and work it out, yes?

Anything I'm missing? Chicago people, weigh in, please!