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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Chick dissed my mom. GRRRR.

Editted for clarity - crazy woman was waiting to drive up the driveway-

I am so mad at myself.

Last night, I was at a large party with my mom at a friend of the family''s house and parking was a bit of an issue. It was late - so my mom drove the car to the front of the house, down the long drive way, while I got all of our stuff ready.


When I come out, this crazy woman (who was also at the party) comes seemingly out of no where and starts screaming at my mom -

CW: I've been waiting an hour! (to drive up the driveway)

Mom: I had no idea.

CW: Yes you did, I TOLD YOU.

At this point I am like this -


So, I throw everything in the car and we take off, to get away from CW. I now feel that perhaps I should have said something or intervened. Or at least told her STUF or something.


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