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Chicken Fried Bacon is a Thing That I Have Tried.

A few years ago chicken-fried Bacon was first served at the Texas State fair, one of the gastronomic centers of the south. The people liked it so much that it won a prizes at the fair. After finding out that it was a thing, I had to try it. Chicken-fried Bacon is battered and fried bacon. You might be thinking isn’t Bacon already not healthy, why would any sane person pan fry bacon in oil. Well because it’s delious. My arteries hardly feel clogged at all, although my blood is being pumped a bit more slowly than normal. Chicken fried bacon is normally severed with a white sauce also known as country gravy. I decided to for go the sauce and instead added the yummy bacon to a lettus wrap with schiacha, and roasted garlic.


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