Two more cops were shot in the Bronx. Reports state that one of the suspects opened fired as soon as the police identified themselves. If the reports are true, this means the suspects thought it was better to kill a police officer than be arrested. One day after a murdered officer was laid to rest.

Let me get this out of the way, I am not celebrating the death or near fatal injury of ANYONE. What I am doing is examining the conditions in which cop shootings can become more commonplace.

A commenter on this lovely site once said that true justice does not exist. But society needs the illusion of justice to keep it from falling into chaos. Sometimes the bad guy goes to jail, sometimes he goes free. And there may be some innocent people who are wrongly accused/ imprisoned. But the general population will still participate in the judicial process if they have reason to believe that they will each receive a fair trial, should they ever be arrested.

What we currently have is a breakdown of this illusion and the population is, I think, starting to revolt. For generations, people of color knew the system was stacked against them. But the difference is now white people see that the system is stacked against the powerless, a group that was largely comprised of black and brown people. But the erosion of the middle class and militarized police forces throughout the states have pushed more people (and this now includes whites) into the powerless group. This means there are fewer people who believe in the illusion.

In an environment where an innocent, unarmed person can be killed at the hands of officers, few have good reasons to comply with their demands. If the chances of you walking away alive are the same if you resist arrest or surrender, why should you go peacefully? Furthermore, the responsible officer(s) will most likely never be prosecuted and a story will emerge that paints you as the guilty party, regardless of video evidence of your innocence/ their guilt.


Recent events have shown that putting your arms up in the universal act of surrender, shopping in a toy store, even answering questions can all result in the very least, a beating, and at the worst, your death. Basically, your safety as a citizen is not guaranteed should you ever come in contact with police. And if this is how the average citizen feels, then the populace has less reason to care about the safety of its officers. I believe this will translate into more cop shootings, the logical consequence of the us vs. them mentality that police departments have had for years. Far too many Americans fear for their safety at the hands of police. Now, some are transferring that fear back to them. This will not end well, for either side.