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Chief Of Staff John Kelly You Went Far Over The Line

In terms of telling a teacher they “ought to go to hell”. I think we can all agree what the teacher said was vile and should have kept his opinion to himself.

But the response. First Kelly is former military when invoking that he served he crossed the line. The military is to serve and defend. It is not to pick and chose which speech they like. I agree say “it was a horrible thing to say because ....” not “ought to go to hell”. A good Chief of Staff would have taken it as a learning oppurtonity and explain why the teacher was wrong. A competent CoS would have looked in the camera and say “(name of teacher) if you are watching let me teach you about this soldiers you put down ...”

Secondly and worse. Kelly works and speaks for the Administration. You do NOT go on air and tell a civilian whom you work for they “ought to go to hell”. You can respectfully disagree and use it as a chance to teach. You can ignore it. A Presidential Administration or those in House and Senate you work for the American people. I am not saying to agree with what civilians say of course not. You can disagree without a verbal attack.


Guess what will happen. Tell a civilian they “ought to go to hell” even if other civilians agree what the teacher said was bad they will in turn lose respect for that Admin. When you attack a civilian its the powerful attacking the powerless. The powerless whom you also work for.

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