So, I think we might have a speech problem with my 18 almost 19 month old daughter. We went to her pedi yesterday and they are referring her to a program for her to get evaluated for a speech delay. She only has 5-10 words. It is on the expressive end not the receiving end. She knows what we are saying and follows commands. But she can't really say anything others than a handful of words. She blabbers all the time. She is always talking, just it is unintelligible.

I kind of feel like it is early to be so concerned. She has no other indictators of autism or an intellectual disability. I am getting frustrated with her though because it is constant temper tantrum city. She goes to daycare part time now and she also sees her cousins and has playdates. She is being socialized.

Any experts or btdt people care to chime in?